As an eclectic group of music junkies, we all bring our unique style of funk into the mix. As eight musicians with our own musical roots, you will see we each bring our own favorite genres into our music for a funky blend.


James Augustine


James Augustine is a guitarist more concerned with atmosphere than lead lines. With a style steeped in the blues, he infuses Latin and Jazz elements as well to bring forth a unique perspective to rhythm guitar. His influences include John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Marc Ribot, Pablo Picasso, and Steve Irwin. He resides with his loving family (including a new baby boy) in the West End of Johnstown.

Tom Buchko


Tom is one of the trombone players in the band, bringing a classical background into AFRO N’AT’s post-funk style. He’s here to help bring about great music, have a good time, and above all, get down with the get down.

Elias Ghantous


Elias started playing percussion early in his life, involved in Antiochian Orthodox church choir he was able to draw from a diverse group of musical influences. Before long his love for classic rock set in and from there he became fixated on American music culture. At age 15 Elias bought his first drum kit and began the practice he remains committed to still today in a journey to hone his skills. 

Mark Goncher

Percussion | Keyboard

Mark, a Johnstown native,  is a multi-instrumental percussionist. He has a background in both classical and modern music, using these influences to bring his own sound to the group.

Mere Kae

Trombone | Euphonium | Flute

Mere has been involved in various music groups since she was 3 years old. In 2011 she went on to study Music Education-Euphonium at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she met Tom Buchko and Alec Redd. Mere has been seen performing with other artists in the area such as Dubplate, FUBAR, The West Hills All-Stars, The Hayley Daily Band, Crawdad Joe, and the Mudbugs, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Black Ridge, and has played bass guitar and trombone in pit orchestras for musicals in years past. Mere is also heavily involved with her other band, HABATAT who puts on FUNKyFEST annually, as the trombonist and backing vocalist.

Matt Parsch


Nice guy, tries hard, loves the band.

Randy Penrod


He play the bass

He rock the place

But most importantly,

He make stank face

Alec Redd


Saxophonist, Vocalist, and Co-creator Alec Zander Redd has been a member of the Western Pennsylvania music scene for nearly 7 years–playing, writing, and collaborating with a number of groups, including:  AFRO N’AT, Glenn Strother Project, Habatat, Matt Otis & The Sound, FUBAR, Black Ridge, Crawdad Joe & The Mudbugs, and the Hayley Dailey Band, among others.  Alec is known for his lively stage performances, versatility between different genres, and creative approach to songwriting and soloing.  Having recently relocated to Pittsburgh, he hopes to continue pushing boundaries in music, and loving his fellow humans.



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